As a Managing Editor, the most important skill for this role is brilliant journalism. You’ve got to be able to fact-check and make difficult editorial decisions. How do we talk to a teenager about suicide? How can we cover menstruation and other important topics within community guidelines? You’ll be responsible for managing scripts, production and final output of social-first video content across all our shows. You’re the final eyes on everything we publish.

You’ll work closely with the Managing Producers of each show, the Content Lead and will report directly to the Editor-in-chief. 

You need a strong editorial sense for short-form storytelling on Snapchat Discover, Instagram Reels, TikTok and Facebook feed videos. 

You’ll help lead daily diary meetings, weekly programming discussions, and monthly brainstorming sessions to help develop new shows. All of this requires a strong understanding of the brand and its tone of voice and style. We’re all about empathy, understanding, inclusivity, and solutions.

Got some content analytics experience? You’ll use performance insights to help inform content programming decisions and improve the quality of work.

Been a manager before? Great! You need strong communication skills to cultivate relationships with teams in South Africa, India, Australia and more.


Must have 5+ years of experience in digital publishing. Bonus points if you’ve published on emerging platforms like Snapchat. 


Hashtag Our Stories publishes videos from the perspective of people positively changing the world. 

We help communities to create content with augmented reality camera tools. We’re 75 diverse staff globally. 

Our content targets young Americans aged 13-24. 

Launched in 2017, today we’ve got 7 shows:

Hashtag Our Stories celebrates diversity and disruptors

Our Health is about people finding strength through their health challenges.

Our Money highlights young people hustling to make the world a better place

Our Minds spotlights people sharing their mental health journeys

First Person is an environmental adventure series, filmed with Snapchat Spectacles, through the eyes of extraordinary young innovators fighting to protect our planet.

Our Survivors is first-hand stories of gun violence survivors.

Our India  meets people positively changing India

In your cover letter, let us know

1. What’s the coolest or most important story you’ve worked on?

2. What show would you launch with us?

3. What’s the most difficult editorial decision you’ve ever made?

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